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Cover Green Illusions by Ozzie Zehner Award 200p

“An extremely important message for a society whose best-intentioned members have lost themselves in a wilderness of wishful thinking.” — James Howard Kunstler, Author of The Long Emergency and other books

Green Illusions pioneers a critique of alternative energy from an environmental perspective and:

  • Reveals the five unseen harms of solar cells
  • Describes a hidden “boomerang effect” that is undermining green energy investments
  • Shows why contraception alone won’t solve overpopulation
  • Explains why engineers can’t solve wind power’s biggest obstacle and what they’ll really need
  • Introduces a simple sticker that will produce a greater impact than all of the nation’s solar cells
  • Shows why carbon taxes won’t solve our energy challenges (and presents two taxes that could)
  • Details how corporations turned food into fuel and why they’ll try again
  • Shows why future environmentalists will resist hybrid and electric cars
  • Identifies what future environmentalists are studying in college today