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University Art Removed after Irking Energy Executives

The University of Wyoming removed a sculpture that links coal use to climate change and beetle infestations after it upset University donors, according to a New York Times article and Green Blog post.

The idea behind the sculpture that appeared on the University of Wyoming campus about 16 months ago was simple but provocative: a swirl of dead wood and lumps of coal, intended to show the link between global warming and the pine beetle infestation that has ravaged forests across the Rockies.

But in a place like Wyoming, where the oil, gas and mining industries are the soul of the economy, some view such symbolism as a declaration of war.

Read the full New York Times article.

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World’s Most Ornate Subways

Komsomolskaya station on the central circle line of Moscow was built in 1952 as a “palace for the people.”

This entrance to Porte Dauphine station (Paris, c. 1900) is one of the 88 remaining Art Nouveau enclosures designed by Hector Guimard.

Platform of Avtovo station in Saint Petersburg (c. 1955).

Platform of the T-Centralen station on Stockholm’s Blue Line, designed by Per Olof Ultvedt (c. 1975).

Berlin’s Wittenbergplatz station (c. 1913) with its understated elegance is one of seventy stations designed by Alfred Grenander.

Hungary’s  Millennium Underground was the first subway on the European continent (c. 1896) and is now a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Jellyfish chandeliers hang from above in Dubai’s Khalid Bin Al Waleed station.

Gare Lille Europe station in is a stop on France’s VAL driverless metro system (c. 1983).

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